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How To Use Full Pallet

All prices on fullpallet are pre-calculated on the basis of placing one unit of each item on your pallet order. Lower prices are available on the basis of products purchased in consistent volume, or large volume. Lower prices are also produced on specific volume specifications or quantities including full layers, full pallets, multiple pallets, or full Conex orders. “Be sure to request a quote for the volume products you already purchase”.

FullPallet pricing quotes are also calculated on the basis of pre-payment orders. While lines of credit can be made available this will come at additional costs. Remember we have included many vendors and over 100,000 products & growing.

We want you to always find the lowest prices on the products you need.

        Trucking Freight
        Barge Freight
        Air Freight
        ByPass Freight

Consolidation of vendors and efficient movement of freight.

We reduce costs by reducing delivery and cross dock fees to a minimum producing one fee for multiple stops. Every time your freight stops in a large warehouse building it costs your business money.

We consolidate products as a wholesaler from Vendors, distributors, manufactures, and producers; providing the most direct shipments and producing the highest quality, freshest, and longest lasting shelf life dates. FullPallet handles all forms of shipping using pre-negotiated rates with multiple carriers.

* Prices subject to change according to market conditions.

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